GLASS TAVERN - Ajetoglass


We will treat you in a properly reconstructed object, joining a traditionally agricultural building with the glassmaking craft. An interesting atmosphere

Glass Tavern
Besides visiting its hotshop, the Ajeto Lindava glassworks invites you to visit a new attraction, i.e. the Ajeto Glass Tavern, situated close to the glassworks. The properly reconstructed object joins a traditionally agricultural building with the glassmaking craft and art…
Here, in addition to the fireplace and a peculiar fast food bar, there are also a shop with cheap glass and especially a small furnace, at which all visitors are allowed to get at arm´s length to masters glassblowers and thus watch their art in close proximity.
For accompanying programmes and holding of company and private events, there are prepared also a podium and facilities for live music and theatre performances and other events in the Ajeto Tavern.

The Glass Tavern is the most suitable background for holding company events and discussions.

In an unconventional atmosphere we offer – together with an interesting programme – also an unconventional refreshment, e.g. barbecued piggy or even a bull-calf, a classical village pig-slaughtering etc.

For a more detailed information and possible programmes please contact:

Glass Tavern Opening Hours:
April - September
Sunday – Thursday 9-5PM
Friday – Saturday 9-8PM

October – March
Monday – Friday 7-3PM
Saturday 9-5PM
Sunday - Closed

Visits at the Lindava glassworks:
Mo - Fr from 08.00 a.m. - 01.00 p.m.


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