Glass moulds are small pieces of art themselves.

This unique place and craft mirror the perfect permeation of organic and inorganic worlds – wood and glass… Here, human hands, necessarily using saws, lathes, chisels and other often particular tools, transform fine beech wood or other good-quality kinds into the shape of small pieces of art, which afterwards serve masters glassblowers in forming glass works.
During the glassworks operation period, already hundreds, if not thousands moulds were manufactured, stored under their names or numbers in the company´s mould archive and waiting for their reuse...
Nevertheless, wood isn´t the only material suitable for the manufacture of glass moulds. In this shop, you can see working of other special refractory materials, for example graphite. This carbon-based material serves in particular for the manufacture of smaller moulds of a more complex shape, with strict demands of its keeping during manufacturing great numbers of pieces. Besides, the glassworks itself is able to manufacture plaster, metal, bronze or alumunium mould or have them made.