HOTSHOP - Ajetoglass


The heart of the Lindava´s hotshop is a six-pot furnace.

Rhytmical and mild noise of the furnace, fiery flames from its internals, fizzing steam and tingling metal tools… The surrounding atmosphere is repleted with top collectedness, noted for exact and targeted movements, together with certain hidden meaning helping in creating the brittle beauty.

Wrinkled and burnt hands of glassblowers and sweaty shirts speak for themselves and confirm the old truth that the work is very demanding, but simultaneously beautiful and satisfying. Neither the famous glassmakers´ sense of humour is missing here, which can ease from problems in the appropriate moment and bring about the genuin human atmosphere. Sometimes, it is rather coarser humour, nevertheless the truer, kind and without a pretence. Simply such as the glassmakers themselves… The Ajeto glassworks can be really denominated a big family, having been engendered within several years. And not always within the easiest ones…

The very original team of some eight glassblowers, who decided to start on the long, sometimes very adventurous journey in glass in the early 1990s, grew during the following years up to the actual number of some twenty masters glassblowers, working in the Lindava hotshop, the heart of which is a six-pot upper-flame melting furnace heated with natural gas. Herein every night a team of melters prepares new soda-potash glass, melted beside clear in five colours – blue, red, green, amber and opaque white. This wide range of basic colours and the unique prompt potentiality of their mutual combination became as typical for the Ajeto glassworks, that it hasn´t been changed for many years. It doesn´t naturally mean the glassworks opposes an application of other colours. On the contrary, according to requirements of customers, other special colours are melted, e.g. violet, black, brown and gray smoke, citrine, aquamarine, uranium yellow or turqoise…


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