History in dates and in details.

1982 the first meeting of a designer Bořek Šípek and a designer and glassblower Petr Novotný

1989 beginnings of the glass manufacture of the partners Petr Novotný, Bořek Šípek and a technologist Libor Fafala together with several masters glassblowers. The production oriented onto exclusive art commissions – provisionally in rented glassworks in the Nový Bor region

1992 reconstruction of a former German textile manufacture ruine into a new glassworks in Lindava started.

1994 October 28, startup of the operation of the new glassworks in Lindava. With its opening, the facility has became a place of meetings of world renowned glass artists and designers, architects, artists, filmmakers and art people of all kinds. Within its operation, the glassworks participated in numerous both Czech and international projects. The unique glass pieces from Lindava have already got into families of many Czech and world artists and celebrities, numerous political and imperial buildings as well as into fair stands and lobbies of important multinational companies.

1997 gallery Ajeto in Nový Bor opened - in 2000 reconstructed to the actual appearance.
2007 glass restaurant Ajeto, built according to a Bořek Šípek´s design, with an unique look at working at the furnace, opened.

2008 a peasant barn near by the glassworks rebuilt into a Glass Barn, later on Glass Tavern – an ideal space for holding of company events or gathering with friends right at a glass melting furnace with refreshment.

History of the Ajeto Group in details


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