Four teams of glassblowers - workshops

Any even top technically equipped glassworks doesn´t go without skilled glassmakers. The Ajeto glassworks employs some twenty masters glassblowers, working usually in groups of four men – workshops, each of them headed by a skilled gaffer. However versatile and mutually substitutable, each of the workshops is an unique and original team, demonstrating individual abilities and talent for implementation of certain particular tasks or orders.
Thus, the easier decision, which workshop is more suitable for the actual task, whether it is an exact blowing and manufacture of greater order, a filagree design manufacture of smaller commissions or a generously perceived art implementation of an unique object. For any such discipline, the Ajeto glassworks is able to find the best alternative and to satisfy requirements of demanding customers.

Glassblowing Team Workshop 1
Ivan Kubela - gaffer
Miroslav Laurin
Martin Balíček
Josef Kočí
Petr Havlas
Glassblowing Team Workshop 2
Petr Kuchta - gaffer
Patrik Primásek
Daniel Novák
Ladislav Luňák

Glassblowing Team Workshop 3
Jiří Pačinek - gaffer
Tomáš Paur
Jiří Štěpán
Jiří Pilař
Roman Efler
Glassblowing Team Workshop 4
Miroslav Barkovský st. - gaffer
Jaroslav Sobotka
Miroslav Zet
Miroslav Barkovský ml.
Ondřej Novotný
Adam Chalupa

Glassblowing Team Workshop 5
Radek Koten - gaffer
Lukáš Havlas
Martin Douša
Ivo Stodola
Tomáš Moravec
Zdeněk Žigo alias Luigi


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