CUTTING SHOP - Ajetoglass


Many products are finalized only in the cutting shop.

Even in a glassworks you can enjoy a symphony concert. That is in the morning, when wheels and pullleys of cutting machines are reving up and glass is processed and refined into its final shape and cut surface quality by hands of masters cutters. It is actually a very contrast view. Over there, in the hotshop, thousands degrees and glowing shapable glass mass changing its form from a semifluid mass into a precious shape and on the contrary here, in the cutting shop, ice-cold water helping in cooling of the just cut glass surface and allowing in this way the cutter to bring the often very risky and not quite simple process to a successful close.
In the cutting shop, glass is processed mainly with diamond tools, of which the local technical equipment already naturally includes glass cutting saws, a special drilling machine, hand cutting tools and other accessories. The Lindava glassworks can pride itself with two cutting shops, one of which is intended for processing of the common production and the other is closely aimed at working for artists, designers and special projects, requiring special conditions due to their time and labour demandingness. Thus, thanks to this exceptional offer, the glassworks is able to satisfy more clients and more requests simultaneously, despite of how demanding they are.


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